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Sunbright Landscape adds style and grace to your lawn through professional mulch installations. If you are looking to enhance your garden or landscape, mulch installation is a great way to add elegance while keeping your garden healthy. Mulch comes in many different colors, darker browns can add an earthy feel while lighter browns can make your garden stand out. Not only can mulch add personality to your garden, it can also reduce the amount of time you need to maintain your garden, along with a lot of added benefits.

Benefits of a Mulch Installation

Mulch is widely used because it keeps plants healthy. When gardens lack mulch, gardeners will spend much more time maintaining the garden and watering. Mulch can help manage your plants, naturally. But how?

It acts as a barrier

Mulch acts as a barrier, keeping water from evaporating. This in turn reduces the time you spend watering and keeps your plants hydrated. It also works the other way around. During periods of heavy rainfall, the weight of the mulch on your garden bed can keep soil from loosening and therefore, reduce erosion.

It prevents weeds

Mulch can also act as your first line of defense against weeds. We all have experienced the bothersome task of weeding the garden. Not to mention also, the detrimental toll that weeds take on your plants. Specifically, weeds tend to sap vital nutrients from your grass and plants – allowing them to grow at a rapid pace.

If you find you are having a hard time managing the weeds in your garden, a mulch installation can help. Mulching prevents weeds from growing, keeping your plants safe and your lawn looking more appealing to the eye.

It provides insulation.

If you are a dedicated gardener, you know that temperature has a great effect on plant roots. Mulch can help keep your plant roots safe from cold Fall weather. Additionally, mulch protects your garden from drought. Mulch is the powerful addition your garden needs.

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Believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong way to mulch your garden. Typically, mulch needs to be applied during the fall or the spring, protecting your plant roots in the cold Fall weather and keeping your Spring plants healthy. Our team can help you decide the best time for a mulch installation in your garden.

Also, it’s important to ensure that your garden is not over-mulched. Ultimately, over-mulching can seriously harm and kill your plants by suffocating your plant roots and creating soil that is much too warm. Mulching installation requires a fine balance of just the right amount of mulch. Clearly, it’s best to hire a seasoned professional that knows how to apply this technique correctly. The experts at Sunbright are ready to assist you.

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