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Irrigation is an integral part of maintaining and nourishing your landscape. It is the process of applying controlled amounts of water to plants at needed intervals. Nowadays automated irrigation systems handle watering plants without much hassle, waste, or personal involvement. We keep your systems running efficiently and effectively by providing irrigation repair and maintenance services.

Are You in Need of Irrigation System Repair or Maintenance?

While it might not be completely obvious, your irrigation system might be lacking routine maintenance or may require repairs outright. Here are a few signs to look for when analyzing the condition of your irrigation system:

  • Water pools on your driveway or sidewalk

  • Foot tracks appear to be embedded in the grass

  • Leaf-blades wilting and folding in half

  • Dry and crumbling soil around the roots of your grass

  • Brown patches within your lawn

An irrigation system that is working adequately will distribute water evenly throughout all parts of your lawn. However, if you’re seeing any of these warning signs – be aware that your system is not dispersing water properly. Certain parts of your lawn might be lacking in hydration while other portions might receive too much.

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About Our Irrigation Maintenance & Repair Services

As part of our routine maintenance program, our team checks your irrigation system quarterly. We check for items like leaks, broken parts, or inefficiencies. If we discover any issues during our check, we make our clients aware. Then, we can provide estimates for additional repairs based on the results of our check.

Performing routine maintenance on your irrigation system ensures that everything is working correctly. This guarantees that your property receives adequate hydration. Additionally, this ensures that you’re not losing valuable water to leaks, etc. Many of our clients notice a decrease in the amount of time their irrigation system has to run after we fix leaks and perform maintenance. Ultimately, their water bill drops due to an increase in efficiency.

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Sunbright Landscape sets itself apart because we are passionate about the work that we do. We are horticulture and landscaping professionals trained by industry leaders such as landscape architects and botanical garden directors. We maintain and repair irrigation systems on both residential and commercial properties.

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