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Sunbright Landscape offers quality lawn maintenance services for residential and commercial property owners. A neat, maintained lawn brings out the best of Mother Nature’s beauty and makes a major positive impact on your property’s appearance. Yet, we understand that the lawn maintenance process is both time-consuming and inefficient for most property owners. They either lack the equipment or the time to get the job done correctly.

Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of maintaining your lawn? If so, there’s no need to worry! Sunbright Landscape offers convenient, affordable lawn maintenance services to property owners just like you. With a simple phone call, we can get started working on maintaining and improving your property year-round.

About Our Routine Lawn Maintenance Services

At Sunbright, we believe in a personalized approach. Our team of experienced professionals creates the proper maintenance schedule to suit your property’s unique needs. Then, we visit your property according to schedule, carefully performing routine maintenance. Our maintenance team is as dedicated as it is thorough. Hence, when we visit your property to perform lawn maintenance, you can expect:

Lawn Mowing

Mowing is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your lawn along with irrigation and fertilization. Mowing increases turf grass density helping your lawn out-compete weeds. Cultural practices such as equipment and cutting height can be determined by your specific type of lawn. Lawns which spread horizontally can be cut shorter than those that grow upright. Proper cutting height can greatly influence your lawns tolerability to environmental stress, lawns pests, and healthy root development.


We utilize a metal edger blade to create a clean edge along sidewalks, driveways and patio pads. We also edge flowerbeds to make a defined line between lawn and mulch to prevent the lawn from growing into these beds.


String trimming

A string trimmer helps us clean-up around difficult to mow areas, fences, posts, trees and your homes foundation.

Hedge trimming

Shrubs can be trimmed in all shapes and sizes. Keeping your shrubs in shape takes frequent trimming whether these are privacy shrubs or ornamental shrubs used for aesthetic purposes.

Blowing All Hard Surfaces

Any time you mow your lawn, grass clippings and other debris make its way on to your walkways, driveways, etc. However, we clean up after ourselves by utilizing a blower to remove all debris and grass clippings from your hard surfaces. Expect a neat, beautiful appearance after Sunbright Landscape leaves your property – every time!

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